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We love creating pieces that you love, we don’t create low quality pieces that you have to throw away after couple of times wearing them. We don’t use cheap metals. We use highest quality 925 sterling silver with real quality gold plating. Our jewellery is designed to be worn and loved for years.

In creating the pieces that you love, it is now more than ever important to us that you feel good about where your pieces come from.

We are committed to sustainability and we have set up our goals for 2022 to 2025 to lead our brand towards a more sustainable brand.


What does sustainability mean and how does Gemsa take part in the process?

Simply explained, sustainability is the idea that humans must interact with the environment in a way that ensures there will be enough resources left for future generations.

Being sustainable at Gemsa means we know how our materials are sourced and processed, and the working conditions that they were made in. Traceability and transparency are key factors in our sustainability process, from creating a piece to delivering it to you.

We are not perfect but we are very conscious about what we are doing and wherever possible we will improve what we do. Our approach to sustainability means we feel responsible for the people we work with, the planet we live in and the jewellery we create.



We are a brand that is guided by values. We believe in individuality, self-expression, quality and sustainability. We believe that our values are part of who we are, we will follow our values religiously as the guiding principles in our everyday operations. We believe in ethical relationships, integrity and respect with all people connected to us. We are committed to our people, and we strive continually to learn and improve.


We’re proud to work with people that share our values. That’s why we are always mindful when choosing suppliers to work with and will continue to work with manufacturers who have a relevant traceable processes and certifications. We work closely with our suppliers for well sourced mined and recycled metals.  We aim to expand the percentage of recycled metals used for our pieces.



True sustainability also means empowering those around you. We will contribute to our charity initiatives and support people around us. We are proud to support several charities to encourage confidence and boost collaboration.





Our Croissant hoop is on mission to give hope and to support girls. With every order of our croissant hoops, we’ll donate 10% of sales to Support Malala's fight for girls' education. Malala Fund is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead.

With more than 130 million girls out of school today, we need to help breaking down the barriers that hold girls back.

Would you like to know more about Malala Fund and what they do, please click on the below link.


Click on shop the hoops and be part of the circle of hope.





Our Pearl Necklace is on mission to protect and support women. With every order of our Pearl Necklace, we’ll donate 10% of sales to Support Women’s aid.

Women’s aid is a UK charity that works to end domestic abuse against women and children. They provide life-saving services in England and build a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated.

Would you like to know more about Women’s aid and what they do, please click on the below button.


Click on shop the necklace and be part of the circle for protection.





From our metals to our packaging, we create with our planet in mind. Ensuring the metals used to craft our pieces have a minimum impact on Earth has always been our top priority. Sourcing materials with care and consideration is part of Gemsa Jewellery’s standards.

Here is a summary of what goes into making your Gemsa pieces and how we are improving our environmental impact.

  • 100% of our materials are responsibly sourced, if not coming from recycled sources.
  • 50% of our silver and gold are from recycled sources, recycled silver and gold lessens our impact on Earth. Not only do we not have to mine new resources, but recycling also lowers the carbon footprint.
  • 100% of our packaging is recyclable and plastic-free


Why Not 100% Recycled metals?

Mining remains a necessary livelihood for millions of people worldwide. We only work with suppliers who have the highest environmental and most humane standards. This applies to all precious metals and stones that come from the earth.



  • Becoming member of Responsible Jewellery Council by 2023. RJC is the leading standards authority in the global watch and jewellery industry and works with members worldwide to create a sustainable supply chain.
  • We are committed to use recycled silver and gold in at least 70% of our products by 2025 so we can offer more sustainable products and help to reduce waist, mining, or other negative social and environmental impacts.
  • We are committed to removing all single use plastic from our supply chain by 2025.
  • We are committed to select diamonds that are compliant with the Kimberley Process by 2023, which ensures the diamonds we use do not fuel armed conflict in high-risk countries.



Our jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver with 18ct gold plating. All of our Sterling Silver (18ct gold plate) pieces are stamped with 925 metal purity stamp certifying that our pieces are made with 100% pure 925 Sterling silver. All our heavy Sterling Silver (18ct gold plate) pieces are additionally stamped withGEMSA.

  • 100% of our materials are responsibly sourced, if not coming from recycled sources.
  • 50% of our silver and gold are from recycled sources
  •  All of our pieces are exclusively crafted with care by skilled jewellers using high quality materials.



We are aware of the waste packaging can cause and to minimize the environmental impact, we have created a more sustainable packaging.

Our Jewellery boxes are 100% recyclable and plastic-free.





We aim to work with factories with whom we share the same values. All our pieces are responsibly sourced and ethically crafted. Our factories are committed to offering fair and safe working conditions, which means fair working hours and wages for all their workers.


Our factories are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the world’s best ethical manufacturing compliance agency.

To read more about the RJC click here.


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