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Gemsa Jewellery was founded on the desire of creating timeless everyday jewellery that blends heritage craftsmanship with modern innovations. We believe that pieces should be simple, yet versatile, so you can create completely different looks with the same few pieces.

Online shop for demi-fine jewellery silver, gold & vermeil. Discover stunning pieces including rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. No matter what your style is, you can mix and match to create completely different looks with the same few pieces.


Designed in London, each piece is exclusively sculpted and handcrafted by our skilled jewellers who use high-quality recycled gold and silver to give you meaningful jewellery at affordable prices for any occasion.


We are passionate about jewellery, our pieces are intended to be loved for years to come, which is why we craft timeless elegant jewellery while embracing contemporary and modern designs that you can wear season after season.

We invest in the production of our jewellery so it’s made to last, every piece is crafted with 18k gold vermeil over recycled sterling silver. Our thick layer gold vermeil doesn’t easily wear away and is hypoallergenic.


In addition to that, sustainability is always on our minds, we only partner with suppliers who share the same values, our suppliers are members of Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). All our packaging is fully recyclable and totally plastic-free.


With our mindset of, a better choice is a better future, we source all our metals and stones ethically. Our luxury gift boxes are also made of 100% recycled cardboard paper to stay sustainable and reduce waste.


We aim to bring exceptional quality jewellery at affordable prices that empower women to feel confident and express their uniqueness.

To be the jewellery brand that inspires women to feel confident.

We are a Jewellery brand that is guided by values. We believe in individuality, self-expression, quality and sustainability. We believe that our values are part of who we are, we will follow our values religiously as the guiding principles in our everyday operations. We believe in ethical relationships, integrity and respect for all people connected to us. We are committed to our people, and we strive continually to learn and improve.

To be legally called "vermeil", the Jewellery piece must meet ALL of these conditions:
  • Have 925 sterling silver as its base material.
  • Be plated in gold that is at least 10c (10 carats). We have chosen for 18ct gold plate because it has a higher purity of gold compared to 14c or lower.
  • Have gold plating that is at least 2.5 microns thick. A micron is 1/1000th of a millimeter.


Vermeil pieces are made with precious metals only, with heavy plating to ensure long-lasting wear.

Is your vermeil real Gold?
Yes! Our Vermeil is real gold (at least 18carat real gold) is electroplated over a base layer of 925 Sterling Silver.

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality Jewellery, we only use durable 925 sterling silver to create timeless pieces. All of our Sterling Silver (18ct gold plate) pieces are stamped with a 925 metal purity stamp certifying that our pieces are made with 100% pure 925 Sterling silver. All our heavy Sterling Silver (18ct gold plate) pieces are additionally stamped with “GEMSA”. For all our Jewellery, we have chosen for 18ct gold plate because it has a higher purity of gold compared to 14c or lower, it will not trigger skin conditions or reactions and it has a very vibrant colour.

Is your plating real Gold?
Yes! We use 18carat real Gold which is electroplated over a base layer of 925 Sterling Silver.

Gemsa’s Hallmarking
What is Hallmarking?
A hallmark is a mark stamped or lasered onto certain metals such as gold, silver, or platinum by the British assay offices, certifying their standard of purity.
Gemsa London takes all the necessary steps to ensure that our Jewellery complies with UK laws and regulations. All our pieces heavier than 7.78 grams have a further hallmark engraved as (GL), to demonstrate that our pieces have independently been tested and certified by one of the four UK Assay offices.
All our hallmarks are placed somewhere inconspicuous on the Jewellery like the inside of a ring band, or the back of a pendant so not visible when you wear it.

Are your metals hypoallergenic?
Yes, we only use precious metals (Real Gold & Real Sterling Silver), one of the great features of precious metals is that it's hypoallergenic, most people will have no reaction or issues with these types of metals.

Does silver or gold tarnish?
Over time all gold pieces will begin to tarnish. Fortunately, tarnishing does not mean it's damaged or ruined! Tarnishing is a natural process that happens when metal alloys in gold pieces react with oxygen.
The tarnishing can easily be polished off or shined away with a polishing cloth, after that, it’s good as new.
For more information about how to look after your Gemsa Jewellery, please check our Jewellery care page.
In case you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

  • All our pieces are crafted from ethically sourced materials, handcrafted, and E-coated to add longevity to each piece.
  • A unique blend of high-quality, precious metals, without the hefty price tag.
  • No Brass, No copper, No aluminium, No Zinc, No Steel as base metal, No flash plating but a decent layer of 18ct gold on top of a Sterling Silver base.
  • 100% Lead & Nickel-free, Hypoallergenic (No irritation, leaving No green marks), and long-lasting with proper care.

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